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March 2017

Just back from a great experience in Jefferson City, MO with the Mid-Rivers Festival. I told to over 1300 children in three schools. Also had a wonderful time in Ashland, NE with a house concert. I am certainly willing to book more of these events. Now that I have done several one-day residencies at some schools, I hope to be invited for more! Thank you everyone for your interest and support!

February 2017

Been awhile since I commented! 2016 turned out to be the most productive year . I had a great diversity of gigs, completed the certificate in Biblical Storytelling, and have a number of interesting programs to share this Spring.

April 2016

Springing into action with a diversity of gigs: Jeff City Festival, Osher, Huntsville Library, Westerners, Veterans United, etc. I am enjoying the Academy of Biblical Storyteliers Certificate Program and teaching at Osher/Lifespan Learning.

November 2015

What a great October!! I had a record number of gigs and a diversity of audiences, from preshools to senior centers, schools and libraries and churches. I thank you all for the inivitations and very postive evaluations; already booking for October 2016. MO-TELL had tellers at 5 State Parks this Fall with strong performances. I have openings for Christmas programs--contact me!

September 2015

I have begun the Fall Season of storytelling with a dozen gigs scheduled through Oct. 31. Looking forward to the schools, libraries, and other events! MO-TELL has scheduled tellers at State Parks and Historical Sites for Fall and Spring--the best to all the tellers!

July 2015

Had a wonderful time at the Missouri State Liars' Contest held at Woodneath Library in Kansas City--won second place with my original story, "Catapult!" Thank you, MO-TELL!

April 2015

See you at the St. Louis Storytelling Festival!

March 2015

Opportunities are springing up: NSN come sto Kansas City, MO-TELL is up and running, the Biblical Storytelling Guild is now a regular event, and several varities of performances have been scheduled. Thanks for your interest and support! Check out my performance schedule.

October 2014

October once again becomes my busiest month, but coming off a creative September. Had a great experience at the Walk Back In Time in Mexico, MO and now look forward to schools and libraries, and soon the Kansas City Storytelling Celebration.

May 2014

This Spring has been a very rewarding period, having just experienced a better than average St. Louis Storytelling Festival; and planning on many more! Now booking summer and fall performances, given I will have more time for storyteliing since I am no longer teaching at MU. I will also be working a book over the next year!

January, 2014

2013 was a great year, with new opportunities and new plans. As I enter partial retirement from teaching I will have more avaiiability for telling. MO-TELL is reorganizing; NSN is coming to KC; and I am venturing into some coaching. Do look at my story in The Spirits of St. Louis!

October, 2013

This fall ha been a very productive and exciting season. I have presented several scary tales concerts, fundraisers, and other events, including the introduction of new stories. i also received word that i will have a story in the new anthology of scary stories from Rocking Horse Publishers, The Spirits of St. Louis.

September, 2013

After a very productive Spring and Summer I have retired from full-time teaching and will be able to devote more time to storytelling. I attended both the NSN Annual Conference and the Network of Biblical Storytellers Festival Gathering. October is booked but looking for more opportunities in Decmember and January. I will be glad to tell you more about Biblical storytelling!

January, 2013

I had an absolutely wonderful experience in Oaxaca, Mexico participating in Jim May's workshop, and sharing in the culture and history of the region. I recommend this opportunity to everyone wishing to renew their telling and enjoy Oaxaca! Now I am off to Chicken Festival (The RAPS Winter Retreat); having the Chiken Itcha?

November, 2012

This Fall has been one of my busiest times ever with gigs ranging from scary tales at libraries to literacy night to applied telling for professionals. Thank you for all your support, and I look forward to the coming season of tales.

July, 2012

Had a wonderful night at the Diabetes camp, Camp Hickory Hill. The kids were thrilled at the mystery and scary tales. Some remembered details of stories from previous years, and one told me how many times he has enjoyed the stories at the Howard County Library in Fayette.

Recently I returned from the National Storytelling Network Annual Conference in Cincinnatti. The workshops, keynotes, concerts, plenaries, and the "networking" was great. NSN is definitely taking a turn for the better! I am looking forward to a great fall with a dozen gigs already lined up for September through November.

May, 2012

The past two months have been a wonderful experience with great festivals and workshops. I have told in festivals in Cape Girardeau, Jefferson City, St. Louis, and Bloomington, IN as well as conducting a workshop on narrative and character development for River Winds in Collinsville, IL. Groups have been very responsive, from preschoolers to seniors, and great hospitality everywhere. I am looking forward to a productive summer, including the NSN Conference in Cincinnati, and now booking for fall performances. Thank you, everyone.

July, 2011

I attended the Tejas Conference in San Antonio and the NSN Summer Board meeting--good news is that NSN is doing OK: finances and membership are stable and we are optimistic about the future! I am beginning to fill out the Fall season with several gigs.

May, 2011

The festivals in Cape, Jeff City, and St. Louis all went very well. My first workshop at the MO Historical Museum was appreciated by all! A special thanks to everyone who made these festivals really work. My time on the NSN Board continues to be a creative challenge in this important time of transition. I will be serving on the committee to plan the NSN Conference in Cincinnati in 2012; plan to be there!!

Do check out my interview on Brother Wolf's Art of Storytelling pod cast:

April, 2011

I had a wonderful time at the Nebraska Festival earlier this year, and looking forward to the Festivals in Cape Girardeau, Jefferson City, and St. Louis. I continue to have regular local gigs, but ready for summer so I can concentrate on the some publishing options.

January, 2011

The new year is upon us, and I am looking forward to several festivals, and other individual programs. I hope to be updating this site, and getting some new PR materials out later this month. I soon hope to have some new stories up on YouTube as well. Meanwhile there is the Chicken Festival, coming up, and my first attendance at the NSN Winter Board meeting as a new member.

November, 2010

This has been my busiest October ever! Between the last week of September and the first week of November I had 15 different gigs; thank you. And the big news: my new DVD is now available, "Brownstory LIve" recorded live back in June.

August, 2010

I am getting a number of events lined up for October, which is turning out to be my busiest month of year, but there are still a few openings. Let me know if you would like a performance of scary tales!

I had a wonderful evening at The Porch Light, a new storytelling venue at the Cafe Berlin, in Columbia. You can join them every other Thursday night!

July, 2010

Just had a great return visit to the CRY Festival in Columbia, MO, an event that I helped start in the 70s, and for which I was a songleader for 17 years. Some of my songs are still in use; and some of the traditons still in place.

The DVD recording session of a live storytelling concert went well. Thanks to all who shared in the afternoon. I will let everyone know when the editing and dubbing is finished and copies will be available.

May, 2010

What a fantastic Spring! I was able to tell at the Cape Girardeau, Mid Missouri, and St. Louis Festivals. I was honored to be featured teller at St. Louis, and I think tell to my largest audience ever--800 people at the Touhill Performing Arts Center, UMSL. And, it was a special privilege to tell with some great national tellers. I have some new stories that are developing as they are being told; and hope to have a recording session in June. More about that later.

November, 2009

What a wonderful October, with the opportunity to share 13 individual performances, including the Kansas City Storytelling Celebration. I enjoyed all the scary tales, including my gig at the Columbia LIbrary and my 5th annual telling at the Howard County Library (and booked for next year). I was inspired to create two new stories this fall; and now beginning to think about a new CD and/or DVD this coming winter.

September, 2009

The last KOMU-TV Pepper and Friends show was Friday, Sept. 18 (I appeared on a taped interview), and my last appearance live was Sept. 15. Kids Korner has been a wonderful run for over 15 years, and now an end of era. I will be appearing on Radio Friends with Paul Pepper, a new KBIA radio show that will be podcast. Listen and watch October 14 8:50 a.m., and December 24--keep posted.

August, 2009

The August House Book of Scary Stories is now out. I am honored to have a story in a collection with so many great Tellers! Check out the August House site on Facebook. As summer is ending and school season is upon us, I am looking forward to engagements for fall. October has always been great for scary and mysterious telling.

June, 2009

The Seamless Storytelling Summit at Pigeon Forge, TN was a great time for planning what we storytellers need to do to tell other institutions about the importance of storytelling (education). Wilderness Road Festival in Reeds Spring, MO was once again an adventure in telling for an audience connected to the historical development of the region. When I was telling "Jack and the Haunted House" at the Diabetes Camp at Hickory Hill a real storm hit a the time of the storm in the story--the kids asked if I planned it? Of course. . .

Join the Facebook site, Save Pepper and Friends!!

May, 2009

What a wonderful time at the Mid Missouri and the St. Louis Festivals, telling to all ages and a diverstiy of settings. And I had the opportunity to hear some great tellers as well. I also really enjoyed sharing a story in the worship service at Olivet Christian, for Arts Sunday.

March, 2009

Just got home from a tremendous "Going Deep" Retreat in Bethlehem, IN, where we focused on the long traditional story. Well worth the time, and I will attend next year. I am looking forward to the Mid-Missouri, St. Louis, and Wildernesw Road Festivals. Maybe see you there?

January, 2009

The RAPS Winter Retreat (Chicken Festival) was again a great success. It always is a chance for experienced and novice tellers alike to share in the adventure of telling in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Great work, folks!

November, 2008

Seems like Fall is going fast, but had a terrific October, with 17 individual concerts, including several performances in the Kansas City Celebration, a whole day with Premier Bank, and a wonderful scary evening in front of the castle at Ha Ha Tonka State Park. Thanks everyone, for giving me such a wonderful array of venues for my scary and mysterious tales. I now look forward to Tellebration at the Cherry Street Artisan and the Christmas concert at the Corbin Theatre in Liberty. See you there!

September, 2008

Summer seemed too short, but had a great experience at the National Storytelling Conference in TN. After some vacation time and getting back into school, I now look forward to the exciting concerts in Sept. and Oct., especially the ghost telling that has become so popular in October. On the the horizon: the Storytelling Celebration in KC, and a Christmas concert at the Corbin Theatre in Liberty.

June, 2008

StoryClub has been going quite well; each of the young tellers are creating new stories and improving their skills. Once again the Wilderness Road Festival proved a great experience; I added two new Jack Tales to the program. Looking forward to the National Conference and my continued involvment with Storytelling In Higher Education.

February, 2008

I had a great experience at the National Storytelling Network/Storytelling in Higher Education Leadership Summit in TN. Our meetins dovetailed with the Smoky Mt. Festival and the National Youth Storytelling Showcase. I witnessed som e wonderful youth tellers--looks good for the future of Oral Narrative!

Fall seems a long ways off, but I am booking scary tales for October already--so if you need a program, don't hesitate to contact me.

January, 2008

December was a productive month for sales of my "Christmas Presence" CD, and I shared the stories of Christmas Carols several times. My thanks to James Mouser of KOMU-TV Kids Korner for asking me to write a song for the end of the year program. Check out their video downloads of the shows.

November, 2007

October and November were my busiest months this year with performances for the PALS clubs in Columbia and Jeff City, my third annual appearance for scary stories at the Fayette Library, Graham Cave State Park, Campbell Middle School in Lees Summit, and the Sedalia Dinner Club. In addition, I told with the MOST tellers for a concert at the Lighthouse Theatre and Tellebration at the Cherry Street Artisan. My youth tellers of StoryClub told at Lighthouse and Tellebration--they did very well. And good news for MOST--we will be negotiating with a program director for KOPN, the local community radio, for a potential weekly storytelling program.

September, 2007

The fall is shaping up well with several ghost and mysterious tales concerts. I will be privileged to tell with fellow MOST members in two concerts in November, the first at the Lighthouse Theatre on Nov. 3 and the second for Tellebration at the Cherry Street Artisan in Columbia on Nov 17.

August, 2007

It was a privilege and honor to be able to tell on the stage of the Regional Concert at National Storytelling Conference this year. The audience responded well to "Rebecca," a ghost story set in Stone County, MO about one-hundred years ago.

Dr. John Parker arranged for a "Missouri Chautauqua" at Osage Beach, and although I and others delivered academic presentations, I was given the opportunity to do an evening concert of stories and songs.

My storyclub of middle schoolers has been doing well over the summer and currently are preparing a legend to tell. They have been asked to perform at the Columbia Tellebration this coming November.

Useful Experience --Larry Brown

I was privileged to tell a couple of stories and a brief workshop on using storytelling in the classroom for 150+ secondary and college Geography teachers the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I was there with these colleagues scoring 29,000 essay exams for High School Advanced Placement in Human Geography. Although our days, June 11-19, were spent in grading, we had a couple of evenings for professional development and a lesson "jamboree."

I passed out copies of Storytelling magazine, information on NSN, the SHE [Storytelling in Higher Education]-SIG [Special Interest Group], Storytelling, Self, and Society journal, and the upcoming National Conference, local guilds, etc.

Two things worth noting: first, that there was a good deal of interest in the use of storytelling, particularly when it gets nods from academics; and second, that we all have opportunities to promote storytelling in our various professional and daily encounters, whether or not we are telling in a festival setting.

June, 2007

For the third year I had the opportunity to tell at the Wilderness Road Festival, this year in its new location at the Wild Eye Ranch near Reeds Spring, MO. It was a delightful experience to tell my Jack Tales in Stone County which are set in Stone County about a hundred years ago. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing the stage with other tellers and musicians and look forward to next year's Wilderness Road Festival.

May, 2007

I had a wonderful time at both the Kansas City Storytelling Celebration (as a featured teller) and the St. Louis Storytelling Festival (as a regional teller). I introduced "The Mothman of Point Pleasant," "Canoe In The Rapids," and "Celia" with good responses. I look forward to the Wilderness Road Festival later this spring. at its new location near Reed Spring in the Branson area. Did land some nice pieces in "Inside Columbia" and "Mature Living" magazines, and a story in the "Columbia Missourian."

January, 2007

River and Prairie Storyweavers again hosted another great winter retreat, The Chicken Festival, and as is my custom, I came prepared with a new Chicken story. This year i it was a "theological treatise" on the importance of chickens in the Biblical narrative and Christian symbolism.

December, 2006

Pepper and Friends Kid's Korner again asked me to create a song for the last show of the year, which provided background for the video review of favorite scenes of 2006!

November, 2006

October was one of the best months ever for storytelling gigs from St. Charles to Arrow Rock to Columbia. The Missouri River Festival in St. Charles was especially great; telling with Elizabeth Ellis, Loren Neimi, Steve Otto, and Ron Adams. Scary!

StoryClub presented their first stories to the MOST meeting--good job, kids!

September, 2006

Nebraska StoryArts held a wonderful Moonshell Festival at Mahoney State Park outside Omaha, NE. I was privileged to tell with Dayton Edmonds, Awele Makabe, and Susan Klein. Thanks all for great hospitality and appreciative audiences.

Our Columbia, MO StoryClub is hoping to present their first stories to the MOST meeting on Nov. 5. A concert for family and friends will be arranged later.

August, 2006
The Omaha tellers (OOPS) sponsored me in a series of 7 concerts in 4 days at libraries, retirement centers, and a clown organization. The gigs went very well; lots of good comments.

I am leading an elementary school age story club in Columbia, MO which began in July. The group of 5 has been working on story origins, types, construction, and presentation skills.

January 20, 2006
Angel of River Road, The Missourian
"I was very disappointed, in fact angry, that I could not attend my Great Grandmother Hageman’s funeral. I remember her as this tiny old lady with tight white curls of hair, and little round spectacles on her face, who would sit in a rocker in the front room of my Great Aunt Bessie’s house. Read More

December 20, 2005
Our Columbia newspaper, "The Missourian," gave our local storytelling guild, MOST, the opportunity to publish seasonal stories in the new "My Missourian" online newspaper.  I was privileged to have the first one, front and center, Tuesday, December 20.  The featured story is "The Crystal Horse."  Check it out at  You will find this story on my CD "Christmas Presence."   -Larry





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